Alumina Boat

Main Features

  • 99.7 % alumina purity and strong chemical corrosion resistance
  • Long-term temperature endurance at 1600 and short-term usage at 1800
  • Rapid thermal shock resistance therefore doesn’t burst easily
  • Slip casting with 3.89 g/cc density
  • Resists water absorption
  • Non-porous
  • Simple to clean and chemically resistant
  • Low friction coefficient (0.05 to 0.2)
  • Cryogenic stability
  • Very high surface resistivity
  • High dielectric strength
  • Low dissipation factor
Need Alumina Boat ?

Product Description and Specification of Alumina Boat

Alumina Boat (also known as Alumina Boat Crucible) is equipment that acts as a container or tool to perform various chemical research and development processes. It looks like an elongated cubical, primarily rectangular. It is made of porous fused alumina and has the properties of being robust and resistant to melting. It is an amazing ceramic material for high-temperature applications that require contamination-free outcomes. It comes with various capacities depending upon the requirements of the experiments. The crucibles and their lids compose of materials that can withstand high temperatures. Alumina crucibles have a maximum working temperature of 1800°C. It can be used for all lab metal and nonmetal samples for analysis and glass melting.

Alumina boats for tube furnaces come in a variety of shapes, including curved crucibles, square crucibles, rectangular crucibles, cylindrical crucibles, and irregular-shaped crucibles. It is extensively used in sample analysis and melting laboratories of metallic and non-metallic materials, calcination and synthesis of various materials, as well as the burning of colorful, fluorescent powders, rare earth elements, precious metals, etc. Alumina boats are particularly beneficial to chemists, metallurgists, and other high-tech professionals. It has a highly refractory design that helps reduce and oxidize environments as it is inert to hydrogen carbonaceous atmospheres and is resistant to alkalis and other fluxes.

Properties of Alumina Boat

• It has 99.7 percent alumina purity and strong chemical corrosion resistance.
• It has long-term temperature endurance at 1600 and short-term usage at 1800.
• It has rapid thermal shock resistance; therefore, it is not easily burstable.
• It has a slip casting with 3.89 g/cc density.
• It resists water absorption.
• The product is non-porous.
• It is simple to clean and chemically resistant, has a low friction coefficient (0.05 to 0.2), cryogenic stability, very high surface resistivity, high dielectric strength, and low dissipation factor.

Applications of Alumina Boat

It is the best equipment to perform processes such as chemical calcination, metal casting, and ceramic sample preparation in conventional industries. Because of its capacity to retain hardness at high temperatures, it is used in industrial furnaces. It is also utilized for high-temperature thermocouple protection. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, it is used as a material in the chemical sector. It is widely employed in various labs, metal, non-metal sample analysis, melting materials, and industrial analysis. It is suitable for the melting of glass, especially borosilicate glass.

How to Use it?

Put the materials to be examined and fired in Alumina Boat Crucibles before heating them. Heat the boat as per requirements. The heating and cooling pace might range from rapid to slow, depending on the properties of the substance.

How to clean the Crucible Boat?

Immerse the crucibles in a gentle washing solution and rinse with water to remove any loose particles. Prepare about 20 mL of aqua regia in a fume hood by measuring 5 mL of nitric acid into a 100 mL capacity beaker containing filthy crucibles, followed by steady addition of 15 mL hydrochloric acid. Soak the crucibles for at least 2 hours in the acid solution. Pour as much acid solution as possible into a garbage container, then rinse with water once and collect it. After that, clean the crucibles several times with water and spread them out on cleaning paper to air dry for about an hour. When the crucibles are dry, heat them in an electric furnace at >1200°C for at least 2 hours.

Safety Measures

• Cap an aqua regia waste solution till the next day since it emits NOx and HCl vapor for a few hours after being created fresh, and the vessel may explode if covered.
• Let the furnace cool to near ambient temperature before attempting to remove the quartz tube and crucibles.
• Handle the product with care. Although it is strong, there are chances that it may get damaged if mishandled, dropped, or not cleaned properly.
• Use the safety gear to avoid harmful chemical vapors during experiments.

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