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Techinstro produced best quality research grade ITO coated glass substrate used in the research area mainly in a physics laboratory, electronics engineering, solar cell making, mobile technology, etc.

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating over a glass or any transparent sheets produced transparent conductive sheets used in many applications. It also used for display technology, EMI shielding, dielectric antennas and many more applications. The ITO coated glass sheets are of a different variety as per the resistivity, glass thickness, and layer thickness. Usually, in the field of research and development,  there are few standard ITO coated glass substrate used with the resistivity 7 ohms/sq. or 10 ohms/sq.

Techinstro offers all variety of best suitable ITO coated glass slides required for research. The standard thickness of the glass sheet is 0.7mm and 1.1mm and available in the resistivity 7, 10, 20, 100 ohms/sq. The transmittance of the conductive glass is more than 85%. Customization of the ITO coated glass is also possible as per requirement.

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