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    • Electrical – Functionalized MWCNT are highly conductive when appropriately integrated into a composite structure. The outer walls of the nanotubes remain conductive to electricity while the inner walls are non-conducting.
    • Thermal – These nanotubes are able to withstand an immense temperature of around 600˚ C. This is mainly dependent on the level of defects in the material and its purity too. It is because residual catalysts present in the nanotubes can also catalyze decomposition.
    • Chemical – These carbon nanotubes are allotrope of sp2 hybridized carbon, which is much similar to fullerenes and graphite, and has overall higher chemical stability. The adequately functionalized MWCNT have enhanced in strength and dispersibility of composites.
    • Physical – Each perfectly-produced MWCNT can withstand immense weight due to its enormous tensile strength. When it adequately integrated into a composite (thermoset or thermoplastic compounds), it can multiply its tensile strength remarkably.
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