The Indium tin oxide coated glass is one of the types of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) coated substrates. It is commonly known as ITO coated glass. The ITO coated glass having excellent conductive and high transmittance properties. The ITO glass is an N-type semiconductor. The chemical formula of Indium tin oxide is Sn:In2O3. The uniform thin layer of Indium tin oxide (ITO) over a glass substrate makes it highly transparent and low surface resistance. The ITO coating over a glass sheet is carried out in the entirely vacuumed condition by magnetron sputtering method at around 300 degree C. It is a single side coating, where coated surface is conductive, and another surface is insulated. In this approach, there is passivation layer of silicon dioxide (SiO2) in between ITO layer and borosilicate glass surface. The standard thickness of SiO2 is 25 nm. The passivation layer is essential to increase the quality as well as longevity of ITO coated glass plate. The borosilicate glass or float glass is a single side finished substrate. The maximum operating temperature of ITO coated glass slide is 350 degree Celsius (i.e. 662 0Fahrenheit).

Customers can choose coating thickness based on coating resistivity required for the job. If you want we can assist via mail or suggest you refer coating thickness versus resistivity chart to ease the decision.