Some features of Molybdenum coated soda lime glass slides designed by us are, that they optimize the conductive characteristics of photovoltaic systems that use copper indium sulphide CIS and CIGS (copper indium gallium dieseline) solar cells. We supply these glasses cover slip in different thicknesses & conductivity level depending on requirements of thin solar film manufacturers; sheet resistance, Na (sodium) diffusion, thin film stress, laser-scribing and glass protection layers (SiO2, SiNx or SiOxNy)
The 1.1 & 2mm thickness that we supply has Sheet Resistance level of 0.55 and Resistivity between 0.5 – 1 Ω • cm. Thickness tolerance is +/- 0.2 mm. We can supply customized sizes with length & width tolerance of +/- 1 mm. We also facilitate Seaming and grinding in C and K shape.
Molybdenum coated glass syncs perfectly with CIGS electrode as it is capable of performing under challenging conditions. Plus they are creep resistant, with high dimensional stability, are corrosion resistance; have electrical and thermal conductivity, and are pure.
Techinstro ensures that the raw material molybdenum is in the purest form, which guarantees that glass melting electrodes are free of impurities which lead absence of discoloration or bubble formation. They last longer and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

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