The Xenon Lamp and Xenon (Xe) arc lamp is designed and developed to emit the high luminescence light in bright white color. Since it contains a highly pure ionized Xe gas, hence it is called a Xenon lamp. It is also known by gas discharge lamp.
The xenon arc lamp has two major categories that differentiate with variation in the composition. In one case the tube filled with only Xe gas and other with a small portion of mercury. The other one is known as a xenon-mercury lamp.
Generally, it is having three major types such as Xenon short arc lamp, Xenon long arc lamp, and Xenon flash lamp. In case of a short arc lamp, the anode is much larger than the cathode. The material of construction mainly includes Fused silica (Quartz) tube having an envelope at center, an anode (Positive terminal) and cathode (Negative terminal) made up of alloy of tungsten and optional starter wire. It designed in a way that, it can sustain high pressure and temperature. The air cooling is recommended to have a safe operation.