Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine


Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine


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• Model name – Tech-Nirvan
• Product Feature – Automatic touchless operation
• Type – Wall Mounted
• Colour – White and Blue
• Capacity – 8 liter
• Weight – 4.2 kg
• Dispense Mode – Spray or Dropping
• Body MOC – ABS
• Dimension – 418mm x 300mm x 260mm
• Customization – Available
• Packaging – Thermacol and corrugated cartoon

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The machine which used to clean or sanitized the hands is known as Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine. To avoid direct contact with the body, we designed and developed a complete touch-free device. It is an infrared motion-sensor based machine, which works on hands movement. It is a fully automatic contactless sanitizer dispenser. Due to its automated touch-less operation, it is an essential product in the time of fatal COVID-19. It also called an automatic sensitizer machine.
It is a convenient device made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) fiber body and other parts. The other components include mainly 100 GPD diaphragm pump, solenoid valve (SV), infrared receiver, ON-OFF control sensors, mist atomizer nozzle, and switch-mode power supply (SMPS).
It is a wall mounted type dispenser, which also uses as a tabletop model machine. There is an arrangement for the holder at the backside of a dispenser tank that easily fixed with wall support. Generally, we produced the dispenser in a variety of capacity, but 8 liter is our most demanded product.

Applications of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine

We manufacture a low-cost product used mainly in schools, files, cinema halls, shopping malls, corporate offices, government offices, a private company, industries, clinics, hospitals, and many more. Due to the common coronavirus effect, it becomes an essential item for every home and gathering place.

How to use Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine?

  • Just place the hand below the nozzle to activate the mist spray.
  • It is advised to use the liquid-based sanitizer instead of gel-based.
  • We also strongly advise mixing 1 liter of water with sanitizer in the container.
  • Keep on monitoring the liquid level in the tank.

Why Techinstro?

Techinstro is a leading supplier of the best quality Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine all over the world. As per requirement, the customization is also possible for various designs and capacity products. The hand sanitizer machine is not a battery-operated machine, which ultimately reduced its maintenance cost. The product comes with a warranty of 6 months against the manufacturing defect and any issues related to the operation.