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Ready stock of Tedlar sampling bags made of a 2-mil thick Tedlar® film with the solid seam to contain gasses in the conducive environment is available and ready for shipping with features like low permeability, single fitting features both on/off valve, septum port for added convenience, and durable seam for added strength. The mechanism used in the valve is of globe valve which facilitates quick, easy opening and closing of the valve. The material of PTFE has utilized for the Tedlar valve.
Our 2 in 1 PTFE connections come with flow resistance feature and are highly suitable for bags of 1 to 10 L. Its corner opening with grommet helps in tagging or hanging during transport and storage. With every batch that we ship, we enclose certificate documenting lot compliance.

Its a Unique, polypropylene combination valve features 3/16″ OD on/off stem apt for tubing connections and integral PTFE silicone septum suitable for syringe sampling. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your needs in Case of 10.

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