UV Lamp Power Supply

Ensuring a reliable and efficient photochemical process using UV lamp requires good quality photocatalytic equipment as well as a suitable UV lamp power supply. Aforementioned is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply, even in fluctuating main voltage conditions.
An efficient and ideal UV lamp power controller helps to protect the expensive and essential UV light from damage through power surge. It also ensures a constant and dynamic performance at all times.

Descriptions and Specifications UV Lamp Power Supply

Industrial grade UV lamps mainly consist of a pressurized and sealed cover, generally made of quartz (or even metal). These have 2 (Two) electrodes attached at either end. A high voltage, when passed between the two electrodes, forms an arc of energy, consisting of light and UV energy. That is because the heat from the two electrodes starts to melt the gases (or metals) in the lamp cover, thus forming the plasma. As the plasma is usually seen bending upwards and forming an ‘arc’ between the two electrodes, this kind of lamp is also known as a ‘Curing Arc Lamp.’

Functionality UV Lamp Power Supply

An ideal UV lamp power supply system works to ensure constant voltage and power to the lamp, and preventing the risk of damage or loss through power surge, when it is being used.
There are 3 (Three) main components in a power supply for UV curing lamp – magnetic choke, electronic ballast and constant wattage transformer.

Magnetic Choke

This component for power supply for UV curing lamp is designed to used with smaller-arc (less than 8 inches) UV lamps. It also comes equipped with an igniter. It is an ideal choice for operating medium pressure UV curing lamps and metal halide lamps too. A power supply system consisting of a single-phase (208 to 240 volts) supply, which including the choke and igniter. It will efficiently operate UV curing lamps of up to 150 V. On the other hand, a cross-phase (360 to 400 Volts) supply, which coupled with a choke and igniter. It will help operate curing UV lamps of up to 135 to 285 V.

Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts are also popularly used with smaller (less than 8 inches arc length) UV curing lamps. This is an advanced, innovative and effective way to provide power supply for UV curing lamp. These are designed to offer better efficiency with a remarkably higher UV output per watt. It also helps to increase the lamp life immensely.
As compared to choke-driven systems, electronic ballasts are known to offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Better UV output
  • Smaller size
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Confident and competent results from curing process

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