Carbon Nanotubes
Overall, the display a unique combination of strength, tenacity, and stiffness, previously unseen in any other material. These also show intrinsic transport and mechanical properties, which indeed makes them one of the essential elements for use in numerous fields and applications. These are the distinct properties of for use in numerous industrial and research applications, including:

This is composed of only pure carbon atoms, linked together to form a hexagonal shape with each other. These are extremely thin, only about 1nm – 3nm in diameter, making them around 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.
The carbon atoms for a strong bond with their loose electron, forming an efficient hexagonal shape of carbon molecules.
CNT’s are capable when it comes to conducting electricity, due to the loose electron in each atom forming the nanocylinder.
CNT is also able to adequately conduct heat, thus making them ideal for application in even high-temperature environments.