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Graphene Ink

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$ 69.00$ 275.60

  • Product code – Grap-ink-TI
  • CAS number – 7782-42-5
  • Molecular formula – C
  • Color – Black
  • Form factor – Liquid
  • Resistivity – 12 ohms/sq.
  • Number of layers – 2-3 layers
  • Operating temperature – 27 to 35 degree C
  • Purity – 99.95%
  • Shelf Life – 6 months (Sealed Bottol)
  • Density – 1.3 g/ml
  • Viscosity – 23.5 Pa⋅s
  • % Loading – 40%
  • Mesh Size – 100 Mesh
  • Customization – Available
  • Packaging – 25ml, 100ml, 1 liter, 100 liter and many more
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Full Description

The Graphene ink is one of the best conductive ink in terms of cost and printability. It is also known as carbon-based organic ink or Graphene-based ink. It is synthesis by using the solution-phase exfoliation method for mainly bulk quantity. The product formulation includes research-grade graphene, epoxy binder, and solvent, which is not water-based. The graphene used in product making is 2 -3 layered, 99.95% pure and free of impurities. It has excellent conductivity, which makes the product more conductive in nature. Nowadays, the graphene conductive ink is preferable than silver ink due to its cost-effective and environmentally friendly quality.

In this conductive ink composition, the percentage loading of the graphene varies according to the application and client’s requirement. Generally, in our graphene-based ink, the graphene % loading is around 40%, whereas the particle size is less than 3.5 microns. The viscosity is easily adjustable by using binder and solvent so that it can be easily adaptable for the screen as well as inject printing. Depends on the viscosity, it is also called a graphene paste or paints. At many places, people use ethanol as a thinner, but we have our formulated solvent. The ink has an excellent printing property with good adhesion on various substrates like PET, Acrylic, fabric, paper, Silicon wafer, Quartz, Glass, Metals, and many more. It printed on any substrates in multilayers for any design or pattern.

The graphene conductive ink has an excellent curing time and curing temperature. It quickly dries at room temperature, where sometimes UV is needed according to a different substrate. The necessary precaution is a must while storing this product since it is highly volatile. It recommended storing this material in cool and dark places. It has an extensive coverage area, where 10ml of ink is sufficient to cover 1 square meter area. It may apply by using brush, ink-pen, screen, or inject printer or spry pain machine.

Safety Features Graphene Ink

  • The bottle cap must close tightly to avoid solvent evaporation.
  • Stored it below room temperature
  • Since it is volatile material, hence ventilation is needed in the operation area.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously for 5-10 minutes before applying on any surface.
  • Used it within the six months of opening
  • Avoid skin contact
  • Keep it far from the children’s reach.
  • After the operation, wash hands and exposed areas of the skin properly.

Graphene Ink Applications

It mainly used in flexible and Flexographic’s electronics, wearable electronics, thermal applications, printed circuit board (PCB’s), Heat sinks, soldering, OLED, touchscreens, and radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) tags. The uses of graphene conductive ink include chemical and biological sensors, super-capacitors, smart packaging, membrane switches, thin-film transistors, e-paper, photovoltaic cells, and other printed devices. It also used to make the electrochemical, optoelectronics, and energy-storing device (Graphene battery).

Why Techinstro?

We at Techinstro manufacture the best quality product which suits the customer need, where we also provide customization as per the client requirement. We cater to deliver products, mainly in research and development labs, industries, colleges, institutes, and other related organizations. We are the suppliers of Graphene ink in small (minimum 25 ml) and bulk (commercial) quantity.

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25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml