Xenon Arc Lamp

  • SKU :  XSL
  • HS Code – 8539410000
  • MOC – Xenon, Quartz, Tungsten with Thorium as a dopant
  • Stock number – 10021 to 10024
  • Wattage – 75W, 150W, 350W & 500W
  • Operating Voltage – 14V, 18V, 22V & 20V
  • Operating Current – 5A, 8.4Am, 16A & 25A
  • Total Luminous Flux – 1400Lm, 3200Lm, 11500Lm & 14200Lm
  • Electrode Distance – 1.5mm, 2.6mm, 3mm & 4mm
  • Weight – 20gm, 80gm, 110gm, and 200gm
  • Cooling Speed – 5M/sec
  • Packing – Airtight protective shield
  • Xe Purity – 99.98%
  • Light Colour – Bright White
  • Average Life – 750 operating hours
  • Storage – In safe vacuum packing
  • Delivery Mode – Air express courier

Full Description

The Xenon (Xe) arc lamp is designed and developed to emit the high luminescence light in bright white color. Since it contains a highly pure ionized Xe gas, hence it is called a Xenon lamp. It is also known by gas discharge lamp.
The xenon arc lamp has two major categories that differentiate with variation in the composition. In one case the tube filled with only Xe gas and other with a small portion of mercury. The other one is known as a xenon-mercury lamp.
Generally, it is having three major types such as Xenon short arc lamp, Xenon long arc lamp, and Xenon flash lamp. In case of a short arc lamp, the anode is much larger than the cathode. The material of construction mainly includes Fused silica (Quartz) tube having an envelope at center, an anode (Positive terminal) and cathode (Negative terminal) made up of alloy of tungsten and optional starter wire. It designed in a way that, it can sustain high pressure and temperature. The air cooling is recommended to have a safe operation.

What is Xenon Short Arc Lamp?

Xenon short arc lamp is immensely powerful sources of luminescence and used in several different industries. It designed to use in spectrometers and similar optical applications. It produced a significant amount of light by generating a tiny pinhead-sized cloud of plasma, which formed at the tip of the two electrodes of the lamp.
The light which generated is shaped like two intersecting cones, starting from the electrodes at each end of the short arc lamp. Thus, the light intensity begins to decrease as you move towards the center of the light. Consequently, the light generation volume is cone-shaped, and luminous intensity is exponentially moving from cathode to anode. The xenon short arc lamps provide light in the bluish-white spectrum, here makes them ideal for precision-based optical applications, such as fiber optics and endoscopy technology. It also used inside the housing and used as a Xenon light source.

Operating Mechanism Xenon Arc Lamp

When a voltage applied to both ends of the electrode, the light emits due to electricity passed through ionized xenon gas at high pressure. This process generates white light, which is similar to natural sunlight. The emission spectrum covers the UV and Visible light which is similar to the sun. The light intensity is in the range of 20,000 to 500,000 cd/cm2 as per wattage. The wavelength range is measured in between 240nm to 850nm. The xenon lamp power supply is mandatory for long-life and continuous operation.

Applications of Xenon Arc Lamp

  • Solar Simulation
  • Absorption
  • Fluorescence
  • Spectral scanning application
  • daylight simulation industries
  • movie projectors in theatres
  • searchlights
  • follow spots or spotlight
  • Medical instruments
  • Optical measurement devices
  • Photo-heating devices
  • IMAX technology

Features of Xenon Arc Lamp

  • High luminescence
  • 99.9% pure xenon gas
  • High-end electrode material
  • Hot restarting function
  • High shelf life
  • Constant provider of visible-range light spectrum
  • Highly stable arc
  • Instant glow on start
  • Designed using advanced engineering for optimal application

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