Xenon Light Source

Xenon Light Source


  • Probe is a 10 MHZ Solid structure
  • Lightweight and red LED for fixation
  • Wavelength range of 185nm – 2000nm
  • Continuous light source with pulsed xenon
  • Life of a lamp will be around 700 hours

Description and Specifications of Xenon Light Source

The Xenon light source (xenon lamp source) is one of the instrumentations which is mainly used in the research and development of the solar cell. Although the root contains some Xe effusions lines in the near IR, the high-intensity temperature (6000 °K) of the Xenon lamps is a proximal fuse to the sun’s heat. It produces many associated solar spectra in the UV and VIS ranges. Xenon lamp source is a highly sophisticated tool used for the gas discharge lamp, which uses an electric light. It generates light by sending electricity through high-pressure ionized xenon gas. Its purpose is to provide a piece of adjustable indoor search equipment for laboratory use in measuring solar cells, sunscreen, polymers, and other materials and techniques. It has benefits in searchlights, movie projectors in cinemas, and other specialized uses in business and research. It creates a brilliant white light to mimic sunlight. Through a light source, the lights provide high-intensity, short-duration flashes. It is challenging to produce flashes of the same intensity consistently. Each measurement has reduced the issue by averaging the number of flashes.

The xenon lamp consists of two electrodes in a glass tube packed with xenon gas. The electrodes get a high voltage, briefly releasing sparks to produce a light flash. The xenon arc has an advantage over the incandescent source in that it is spectrally closer to daylight. Although the xenon flash tube does not emit light continuously, it does produce an extremely bright burst of light that lasts for a few nanoseconds. However, it is challenging to obtain the light-output consistency and continuous line-free spectrum required for accuracy and precision, as with most arc lamps.

Xenon arc light sources provide a stable supply to three groups:

  • Xenon flash lamps
  • Xenon long-arc lamps
  • Continuous-output xenon short-arc lamps

Generally, we supply only Short Arc Xenon light sources with the power of 75W, 150W, 350W, and 500W. We use cutting-edge technology while developing our Xenon Lamp Source to supply electricity to high-pressure short-arc xenon lamps. The source adopts the spherical, high-pressure, short-arc xenon lamp as the luminary body. A high-press trigger in the circuit causes light bulbs to discharge at the luminous spot between the positive and negative electrodes. A light source covers the full visible spectrum, from ultraviolet to infrared radiation, with colors similar to those of sunlight.

A low-pass filter was included in the system’s design at the end of the cold light source’s entrance line to improve overall stability and prevent other medical equipment’s high-frequency operations from interfering with the cold light’s regular operation. As a result, clinical observation will produce satisfactory results.

The switch on the equipment regulates the intensity of the light output. Three fans are used in a series for air cooling to maintain stable operation.

Properties of Xenon Light Source

  • The Probe is a 10 MHZ Solid structure with lightweight and red LED for fixation
  • It has a wavelength range of 185nm – 2000nm
  • It is a continuous light source with pulsed xenon.
  • The life of a lamp will be around 700 hours.

Applications of Xenon Light Source

With optical frequencies emitted between 750nm and 1000nm, xenon (Xe) light sources enable reasonably smooth emission from the UV to the visual spectrums. They are a decent choice for solar simulation in addition to absorption, fluorescence, and source spectral scanning applications due to their sun-like emission spectrum and 5800 °K temperature.

This equipment help measure absorbance, fluorescence, or reflectance since they have a very high UV intensity. Pulsed xenon sources are excellent for measurements where high-intensity UV light can harm the sample since they have a high-intensity and low-duty cycle.

How to Use Xenon Light Source?

Connect the light source to the power supply. Ensure you have a stable power supply before using the light source. Turn on the switch and set the xenon lamp source to the required readings per your use.

Safety Measures

UV wavelength emissions below 260nm produce toxic ozone. To protect the researcher from the ozone produced, an arc lamp should ideally be used outside or in a space with sufficient ventilation. Ozone eaters should be utilized if this is not achievable. However, employing an ozone-free lamp is a practical choice if the application does not require wavelength emission from the arc lamp below 260nm. Depending on the type of source used, arc lights may release harmful quantities of UV radiation. Ensure that only authorized workers are in the proximity of the source and that they wear the appropriate protective gear, such as UV-protected clothes, gloves, and eyewear. In laboratories with active UV sources, illuminated UV warning signs should be mounted outside the doors to help prevent inadvertent exposure. The use of an electrical shutter to block the beam, but it is still on, is also advised by Newport. The beam can be safely contained as an alternative by directing the light to a sample by beam tubes or fiber optic cables. It is advised to utilize an Ozone Eater or to exhaust the ozone that is created by particular lamp models outside.

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