How to Place your Order with Techinstro?

Placing bulk orders is easy with Techinstro. Simply send in the ‘Bulk Orders’ form after filling in the details and your requirement.

We appreciate when our customers state their precise requirements with sufficient time to spare before the delivery deadline. That enables our team of experts to engineer and craft excellent products, exactly as needed by you.

Ensuring that you place your orders beforehand helps us to deliver the best-suited products. It helps us to arrange everything (such as volume production, availability of the required stock, customized packaging, and shipping) efficiently and ensure timely delivery to the customer.

What is a Bulk Order?

A Bulk Order is when you order multiple products with the different specification from Techinstro. Here may include a single product in multiple units. We also provide order delivery to varying locations, if the customer makes such a request.

Important to remember when placing Bulk Orders

There are a few points that need to implement when you decide to place a Bulk Order from us. These are the factors that should be ready before placing your order with us:

  • Specific product
  • Size of order (volume/quantity)
  • Customizations (if any)
  • Frequency of order (e.g., monthly, quarterly or yearly)
  • Valid contact number
  • Special instructions (if any)

Bulk Order for international clients?

For customers with a billing/shipping address from outside India, it is also essential to know about the specific additional charges and taxes that might be applicable according to your location. The customs office is an ideal place to find out about any such surcharges and local duty.

How do I pay for Bulk Order at Techinstro?

The customer is usually required to send a purchase order (PO) and make the complete payment before the order is shipped out to them.

These are the ways you can pay online for your Single or Bulk Order:

  • Online banking (Wire transfer, T/T)
  • Checks
  • Credit card payment
  • Paypal
  • LC (Letter of Credit)

How to place a Small or Single Order with Techinstro?

Techinstro allows ease of online shopping for its customers. Standard orders require brief details about your specific needs. You can place a small or single order with us using:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • WhatsApp
  • Online order booking

After-hour calls will be returned the following day promptly. Emails also responded to within 24 hours of receiving them. As we believe in growth with our customers, we offer prompt and quick services in a thoroughly professional manner.

What if I need Technical Consultancy or Technical Assistance from Techinstro?

The process for requesting Technical Assistance or Technical Consultancy services from Techinstro is also easy.

You can simply:

  • Contact over the telephone
  • Drop an email
  • Chat over a WhatsApp

An expert executive will respond to your query within 24 hours with the perfect solution.