• Material – Fused Quartz
  • Standard Operating Temperature ~1150 Degree C (Continuous Usage)
  • Standard Operating Temperature ~1250 Degree C (Non-Continuous Usage)
  • Specific surface area – 720 J/kg-k
  • Purity – 99.99%
  • Poisson’s ratio – 0.17
  • Refractive index – 1.5
  • Tensile strength – 50 MPa (Optimal)
  • Thermal conductivity – 1.38 W/m-k
  • Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion – 0.55(106/0C)
  • Dielectric strength – 30 Ac-kV/mm (volts/mil)
  • Dielectric constant – 3.82 @1MHz
QUARTZ CRUCIBLE( Purity – 99.99% ) | Specific surface area – 720 J/kg-k
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CRUCIBLE-NOLID-500Quartz Crucible Without Lid 500ML500MLBUY NOW
CRUCIBLE-NOLID-1000Quartz Crucible Without Lid 1000ML1000MLBUY NOW


The QC (Quartz-crucible) of high purity Silica (SiO2) material, is a transparent container which is resistant to extremely high temperatures as well as being chemically inert to get non-contaminated results. These vessels should also be ideally resilient to thermal shocks.

The QC (Quartz-crucible) are acting as vessels for holding chemicals as the specific thermal or chemical process performed. These are efficient for use as laboratory crucible as well as in industrial applications. These have increasingly replaced the conventional Rotosil crucibles, which were earlier more prominently used in industrial and research applications.

The QC (Quartz-crucible) comes with a lid and without the lid or cap as per requirement. The capacity of it varies from 5ml to 1000ml. There is two main type of the quartz crucible, one is the low form (Curvy Shape), and another is tall form (Cylindrical Shape) crucible. The researched can operate it efficiently at around 1150 degree Celsius.


  • Highest chemical purity
  • Extreme durability
  • High Material Purity
  • Higher Annealing point
  • Remarkably corrosion resistance
  • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Excellent electrical conductivity levels
  • Efficient optical transmission range


  • Refining precious metal and special alloys
  • Smelting industry
  • Lamp-manufacturing sector
  • Alumina calcinations
  • Various chemical industrial applications
  • R & D laboratory uses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Rare earth production


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