Quartz Plate

  • Coefficient of Expansion – 5.54 x 10-7 (K-1)
  • Strain Point Temperature – 1343 Degree K
  • Softening Point – 1933 Degree K
  • Thermal Conductivity – 1.37 W/m 0K
  • Annealing Point Temperature – 1433 0K
  • Average Specific Heat – 771 J/kg.K
  • Optimal Operating Temperature – 1423 – 1473 0K
  • Specific Heat Conductivity – 1.48 W/m.K
  • Density – 2.204 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strength – 49 N/mm2
  • Poisson’s Ratio (No Unit) – 0.17
TIQP1 ( Thickness : 1 mm ), ( Max Operating Temperature : 1150ºC )
Product CodeLength x WidthThickness (mm)Max Operating TemperatureBuy Now
TIQP100125 mm × 25 mm1 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP100250 mm × 25 mm1 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP100375 mm × 25 mm1 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP100450 mm × 50 mm1 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP1005100 mm × 100 mm1 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP2 ( Thickness: 2 mm ), ( Max Operating Temperature: 1150ºC )
Product CodeLength x WidthThickness (mm)Max Operating TemperatureBuy Now
TIQP200125 mm × 25 mm2 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP200250 mm × 25 mm2 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP200375 mm × 25 mm2 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP200450 mm × 50 mm2 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP2005100 mm × 100 mm2 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP5 ( Thickness: 5 mm ), ( Max Operating Temperature: 1150ºC )
Product CodeLength x WidthThickness (mm)Max Operating TemperatureBuy Now
TIQP500125 mm × 25 mm5 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP500250 mm × 25 mm5 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP500375 mm × 25 mm5 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP500450 mm × 50 mm5 mm1150ºCBuy Now
TIQP5005100 mm × 100 mm5 mm1150ºCBuy Now

Description and Specifications of Quartz Plate

Today, it has become essential for many industries, research, scientific laboratories, and educational institutes to get high quality and reliable quartz substrates which find extensive application due to their excellent properties. It is optically transparent and transmits the UV rays through it. Many physically properties are like glass, but the operating temperature makes a difference to the quartz material.
Quartz plate is an essential component of various equipment and machinery in numerous industries where good quality semiconductors are imperative. The quartz is a material which is abundantly present in the earth crust. A research and optical grade quartz glass plate popularly used in the manufacturing of boats, wafers, pedestals, and wafer carriers. It majorly used for the high-temperature applications.

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Standard Dimension Details

These are the various types of approved quartz glass plate that are designed and supplied by us to our numerous global customers:

Quartz Glass Plate TIQP1

The slide is intended to 1 mm thickness and produced in a square(S) and rectangular(R) shape. The available dimensions are 25 mm x 25 mm, 50 mm x 25 mm, 75 mm x 25 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm (Length x Width).

Quartz Glass Plate TIQP2

This range of plate has a uniform thickness of 2 mm, with a maximum operating temperature of 1150˚ C. These are available in dimensions ranging from 25 mm x 25 mm, 50 mm x 25 mm, 75 mm x 25 mm, 50 mm x 50 mm and 100 mm x 100 mm (Length x Width).

Quartz Glass Plate TIQP5

This type of substrate is manufactured by us with an overall thickness of 5 mm and can merely operate in temperatures of up to 1150˚ C. The standard dimension are 25 mm x 25 mm (S), 50 mm x 25 mm(R), 75 mm x 25 mm (R), 50 mm x 50 mm (S) and 100 mm x 100 mm (S)(Length x Width). There will be tolerance of 1mm in each plate.

Quartz Plate Resources Download

Datasheet – Quartz Plates – TIQP1

Datasheet – Quartz Plates – TIQP2

Datasheet – Quartz Plates – TIQP5

Applications of Quartz Plate

These are the accessible areas where the quartz glass plate finds its applications:

  • Single wafer processing equipment (such as shower plates, windows, gas distribution plates, wafer carriers and susceptors)
  • Wet cleaning process (used for making tanks)
  • FPD (Flat Panel Display) manufacturing
  • Lamp covers
  • Gas flow regulation
  • Gas distribution
  • Analytical filtration
  • Liquid filtration
  • Watches

Thermal Properties

  • Coefficient of Expansion – 5.54 × 10-7 (K-1)
  • Softening Point – 1933 0K
  • Strain Point Temperature – 1343 0K
  • Thermal Conductivity – 1.37 W/m0K
  • Annealing Point Temperature – 1433 0K
  • Max operating temperature – 1423 – 1473 0K
  • Average Specific heat – 771 J/kg. K
  • Specific Heat conductivity – 1.48 W/m.K
  • Density – 2.204 g/cm3
  • Tensile Strenght – 49 N/mm2
  • Poisson’s Ration (No Unit)– 0.17

Why Techinstro?

Commercial grade plates are available as per measurements; ground and polished different thicknesses; common sizes shown in the table. We can customize and supply dimension as required by clients across the globe. We request clients to specify optical grade plates; likewise rough cut plates should also be specified. The quartz glass having appropriate thermal, mechanical and optical properties which are highly recommended to fabricate and developed a top level technology based product. We are the manufacturer and suppliers of the variety of quartz glass mainly electrically fused quartz, flamed fused quartz, fused silica. Our product has been highly used in research laboratories, academic institute, and industries and it is having a huge demand around the worlds the USA, UK and part of Africa, UAE, Asia, and south Asia, Australia etc.

Besides custom made size specifications, we also cater to your specific material requirements, ensuring that our range meets the precision desired by you along with the best commercial quality. Our orders are processed from a large inventory of stocked materials rolled, sheet, rods, and sawn sheets. We are equipped to supply Quartz plate from small up to production quantities.

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