Photochemical Reactor Uv Lamp

  • 125W
  • 250W
  • 450W
  • 1000W
  • 4KW
Types of Lamp
  • Low pressure mercury lamp
  • Medium pressure mercury lamp
  • High pressure mercury lamp

Full Description of Photochemical Reactor Uv Lamp

An ideal photochemical reactor UV lamp designed for carrying out photochemical reactors, including water splitting and photo-chlorination reaction. Carrying out a tightly-controlled, efficient and safe photochemical reaction is one of an essential needs, especially in numerous chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

There is a need for a photochemical reaction in numerous chemical processing methods, used widely in an industry as well as educational research and developmental (R&D) level. A photon and catalyst are needed to stimulate the reaction initially and throughout the process. Hence, it also called photochemical or photocatalysis reaction.

How to use Photochemical Reactor Uv Visbile Lamp?

The UV lamp for photocatalytic reactor operated with or without cooling as per requirement. The durable double-jacketed quartz immersion well is required to circulate cooling water, where medium pressure mercury lamp (UV lamp) or a high-pressure mercury lamp (Visible lamp) is immersed. The inner immersion well is fixed with a water inlet and outlet for ideal water circulation during the photochemical process. The light inserted into the inner-well, where the cold water helps to maintain a safe temperature throughout the process.

The photon is most vital to stimulate the photo-reaction process hence the Medium pressure mercury UV lamp plays a significant part to give the ideal reactionary wavelength to the photon’s source. This UV lamp efficiently provides constant monochromatic wavelengths. It has an efficiency ratio of over 90% for energy transmission. Aforementioned gives energy at 254 nm. The medium pressure mercury lamp is designed to emit UV light at a range covering 250nm to 450nm and generate peaks at 254nm, 356nm, and 365nm. The high-pressure mercury lamp provides energy ranging between 350 and above, which offer peaks on 356nm, 365nm. The UV light output is in between 20 to 25 percent of total measured wattage.

We provide the lamp with the SS nichrome mounting or holder. Order your customized and reliable industrial UV Lamp from Techinstro and ensure secure, efficient and effective industrial photochemical processing.

Applications of Photochemical Reactor Uv Lamp

  • Educational Research and Development (R&D)
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Alternative Energy
  • Water Splitting
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Water Treatment
  • Photo-chlorination
  • Curing UV lamp