Gas Sampling Bag

A gas sampling bag is used for all gases and air sampling types, ultimately becoming a great alternative to the canisters /tubes. It is beneficial for sampling in part-per-billion (ppb) to part-per-million (ppm) levels of permanent gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The flue gas sampling is an essential process for all the industries and research centers as per the government’s regulations. This bag’s significance is that it makes the process of collecting gas samples and transporting it much simpler than the traditional methods and is cost-effective. At Techinstro, we manufacture and sell it in various types and sizes as per the client’s use and requirements.

Types Of Gas Sampling Bag

Tedlar Bag

It is made up of PVF films and suitable for most permanent gases. We offer a wide range of Tedlar bags as per the requirements of the clients. It is transparent, and the thickness is around 2 mil. These bags are available in sizes of 0.5 liters to 100 liters, whereas we offer pack sizes from 5 to 100 pieces. We also supply a dual valve Tedlar bag as per the applicability.

Multi-Layer Foil Gas Sampling Bags

It has adequate stability for gases of lower molecular weight. Researchers can use them for gases like methane, CO, CO2, and permanent gases. It mainly consists of aluminum foil as one of the layers. The thickness of the film is high as compared to other types due to its multi-layer property.

Kynar Bag

It is made from PVDF film. The commercial name of PVDF film is Kynar; hence it is known as Kynar bag. It is a durable and sustainable sampling bag, and researchers can use it for various inert gases.

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) fluoropolymer gas and liquid sampling bag (Teflon Bag)

It acts as the best alternatives if the researchers do not want to use the Tedlar bag. It does not produce any levels of dimethylacetamide (DMAC) or phenol like Tedlar sampling bags. However, we do not recommend it for hydrogen sulfide, acetates, ketones, or permanent gases.

Properties & Features Gas Sampling Bag

• The gas sampling bag that we provide is leak proof. Therefore, there is no danger of the gas emitting through it.
• It does not contaminate the collected samples and is durable for a long time (up to 72 hours).
• It is handy and easy to use.
• It is easy to transport and does not let any external environment hamper the samples if the operator follows the safety measures.
• It can tolerate and operate at a temperature as high as 82°C (180 °F).
• It is reusable.

Applications of Gas Sampling Bag

• Gas sampling bags are mainly utilized to take samples of gas emissions from the energy generation sector, such as power plants.
• Its uses also include industrial hygiene along with landfill and biogas.
• Researchers can utilize these varieties of bags for indoor air, ambient air, and stationary source testing.

How To Use Gas Sampling Bag

• Find the bag’s valve hose and attach it to the tube from where the gas/ air samples get to fill.
• The researcher might also use a handy manual sampling pump or automatic filling pump to collect the air samples.
• After attaching it to the pump’s tube, open the Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Polypropylene (PP ) valve, fill the bag only 80%, and close it.
• Disconnect the bag only after the valve is close correctly.
• A silicon septum is available to take out the gas sample for sampling on the top of the valve.

Safety Measures

Before Use

• To avoid any absorption of foreign contaminants, store it in a clean and secure place.
• Before sampling, flush nitrogen or any other inert gas to clean the bag for better test results.

During Use

• It is advisable to fill the bag at 80% to 90% of its standard capacity to avoid the risk of bursting it.
• We suggest the clients take at least two gas sample bags to avoid any inconvenience due to any accidental leakage or bursting.

After Use

• It is always advisable for the researchers to avoid reusing these bags as, in some cases, they may absorb the previous samples’ contents.
• Try to get the samples to the test labs before 48 to 72 hours (hold time).
• The testing samples keep away from direct sunlight and high external temperatures.
• If the researcher needs to ship the bags by air, use pressurized opaque containers to prevent damage.

Why Choose Us

The gas sampling bags that our company manufactures are the first choice of many industries. We offer the best quality product at a reasonable and affordable price. We also provide customized sizes as per the requirements of our clients. They are useful for all levels of permanent gases as well as volatile organic compounds.

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