Azo Coated Glass

  • Sheet Resistance – 7.7 – 10.5 ohms/sq
  • Transmittance @400-1000nm – 82-83%
  • Uniformity of Resistance – ≤ 10ohms/sq
  • AZO Layer Thickness – 8000 – 8500 Å
  • Haze – ≤ 10%
  • Flatness – 0.05%
  • Warpage – 0.06%
  • Squareness – ≤ 3.2 mm
  • Dimension tolerance – ± 0.1 mm
  • Thickness – 3.2 mm

Al Doped ZnO coated glass, Al Doped Zinc Oxide coated glass. AZO (Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide films have become technologically important because of their wide range of electrical and optical properties, besides its high chemical & mechanical stability.

AZO COATED GLASS ( Glass Thickness : 3.2 mm ), ( Resistivity : < 10 ohms/sq )
Product CodeDescriptionLength x WidthThickness (mm)Surface ResistivityTransmittance ( % )
AZO-001AZO coated glass slides25 mm × 25 mm3.2 mm< 10 ohms/sq> 80%
AZO-002AZO coated glass slides50 mm × 25 mm3.2 mm< 10 ohms/sq> 80%
AZO-003AZO coated glass slides75 mm × 25 mm3.2 mm< 10 ohms/sq> 80%
AZO-004AZO coated glass slides50 mm × 50 mm3.2 mm< 10 ohms/sq> 80%
AZO-005AZO coated glass slides100 mm × 100 mm3.2 mm< 10 ohms/sq> 80%

Full Description of Azo Coated Glass

AZO (Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide) is amongst the best and most preferred transparent conductive oxide materials owing to its superior optical and electrical properties as mentioned above. Use of AZO-coated glasses is on the rise as the transparent conductive substrate is used in applications like the thin-film solar cell, OLED, electrochromic glass etc. They are used in a wide range of applications like flat panel display electrodes and gas sensors etc.

Owing to their large piezoelectric constant, these films can be used as surface acoustic wave devices and solar cells. Their optical band gap (3.3 eV) is wide which enables transmission of most of the useful solar radiation.

Al Doped ZnO coated glasses supplied by us come with a surface resistance of 10ohm/sq., transmittance >=80%, having a polished surface with no pattern. They have high density, 95+%, they’re hot pressed and conductive.

Its rise in demand comes from the major advantage of cost saving. A major cost saving is possible with AZO materials as compared to ITO and other TCOs. It is possible to obtain the complete range of sheet resistance, from < 50 Ω/sq. to M Ω/sq. with AZO by changing deposition thickness and parameters. As substrate heat is not required, it makes AZO ideal for polymer and substrates that are sensitive to temperature. Patterning of films by etching is easier than when compared to ITO films.

We can customize the product for you. If you require ITO/AZO/FTO, please let us know of your requirements with specifications. Based on your requirement, PROPERTIES: we shall deliver the most suitable product for you. The picture of the product may be a little different, as per your requirement. We quote price according to size and requirements you may specify


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