Tedlar Bag

• Film Material – Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF)
• Valve Material – Polypropylene (PP)
• Film Thickness – 2 mil
• Operating Temperature – 443 Degree Kelvin
• Tensile Strength – 7,980 psi
• Material Specific Gravity – 1.69 g/ml
• Leakproof
• Minimum sample loss in storage
• Lightweight and moisture-proof
• Chemically and physically inert
• Portable and handy

Full Description of Tedlar Gas Sampling Bag

The gas sampling Tedlar bags made up of Polyvinyl Fluoride (PVF) film, which is a patented product of the Du Pont. The commercial name of PVF is Tedlar; hence it is known as Tedlar bag. Generally, it used for the gas analysis application in the hot stack and industrial chimneys where the temperature of flue gas is very high. Due to its high resistance to the heat, this is the ideal sampling bag in these conditions.

Operating Details

The maximum operating temperature of the Tedlar bag is 170 degree C. In contrast, the safe temperature for the continuous operation is 110 OC. The thickness of the PVF film is 2 mil (25.4 microns), whereas the bag dimensions vary as per the capacity. Generally, the standard capacity of the Tedlar bag is 500ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters, and 10 liters. The customization is also possible as per the client’s requirement. It is advisable to store at room temperature. It has an excellent impermeability to many gases, which decreases the losses and increase the holding time during the storage period. It can store the air sample up to 6 to 7 days, which makes it portable and handy during the field study. It is reusable by using proper pre-treatment with inert gases or vacuumed it totally by using a vacuum pump.

It classified into two major types based on the number of valves. The one is a single valve Tedlar bag, and the other is a dual vale Tedlar bag. Usually, the single valve bag is used for the batch sapling; while the double valve bags used for the continuous operation. The valve made up of polypropylene (PP), in which the silicon septum is non-removable. The Teflon and stainless steel (SS) valves also provided based on the requirement.

Cost Effective Solution For Industrial and Research

The Tedlar bag is useful for industrial and research gas sampling. These bags are a simple, cost-effective, and easy way to perform sampling. It can collect gas samples for part-per-billion (ppb) to part-per-million (ppm) levels of inert gasses, organic solvent gases, permanent gasses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It helps in ambient air, indoor air, and stationary source emission testing. The process of gas and air sampling is essential under the government’s rules and guidelines under EPA. It examines Time-weighted average (TWA) exposures in areas with a high concentration of chemical levels.

How to do Gas Sampling by Tedlar bag?

  • Take a fresh gas sampling bag and air filling pump.
  • Note the sample number, time, and date on the sticker.
  • The rubber tube of the pump should be attached to the hose present on the valve.
  • Make sure that the fitted tube in the hose is completely tight.
  • Open the valve by turning it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  • Fill the bag with the help of a pump.
  • It is advisable to fill the sample only up to 90% capacity of the bag to prevent leakages and excessive pressure on the film.
  • Once the bag filled with sampling gas, then closed it by turning the valve in the clockwise directions.
  • Then detached the rubber tube from the hose, which makes it available for gas analysis.
  • Take out the samples through the small hole present at the top of a valve
  • The sampling performs by airtight syringe through the septum in Gas chromatography (GC).

Gas Sampling Resources

Data Sheet
User Guide Manual

Tedlar Bag Applications:

• Indoor Air Sampling
• Gas Blending
• Assessing Exposures from Leaks and Spills
• Leaky Underground Storage Tanks
• Sampling from Vents or Flues
• Hazardous Waste Site Sampling
• Measuring Anesthetic Gases in Operating Rooms
• Stack Sampling
• Soil Gas Sampling
• Calibration Gas Standards

Properties of Tedlar Bag

• It is leak-proof and protects the gas samples from the external environment.
• It is flexible yet tough and does not suffer damages easily.
• It is non-reactive and does not affect the quality of the collected gas samples.
• It can withstand a temperature range from -72° to 107°C.

Safety Measures with Tedlar Gas Sampling Bags

• The gases can be hazardous to health. Therefore, researchers should use safety gear such as masks, goggles, gloves, and PPE kits before collecting the samples.
• Assure that the bag is in clean space before usage to avoid any sample contamination.
• If the researcher is reusing the bag, clean it with nitrogen or any inert gas before use.
• While using the product, ensure that the bag is only filled 80% to 90% of its capacity to avoid leakage issues. The aforementioned reduces the chance of the bag bursting due to extreme temperatures.
• The operator should keep the air-filled bag away from direct sunlight and extreme heat to avoid ravaging the sample’s quality.
• Seal the gas-filled bags in an unpressured opaque box if shipping through the air to avoid accidental damage.
• The researcher should collect at least two samples of the same gas to ensure no-hassle due to leakage or bursting of any bag during transportation.

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Legal Details:

Tedlar is a registered trademark by Du Pont, USA.