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Tedlar bag is used to collect gas or air samples to analyzed mainly Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), methane, sulfur hexafluoride, radon, mercaptans, and other gasses. It is also known as a gas sampling bag. It is made up of two components one is polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film, and another is PTFE / Teflon valve fitting.

We also supply polypropylene (PP) and stainless steel (SS) valve fitting. The thickness of PVF film is 2 mil, i.e. 50.8 microns. The commercial name of PVF film is Tedlar; hence the gas sampling bag is called as Tedlar bag.

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Tedlar-TI02L Tedlar Gas Sampling Bag 2 in 1 Polypropylene valve 2 Liter (2000ml) BUY NOW
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The PFV or Tedlar film is high-temperature resistant polymer invented in 1960 by DuPont. This polymer film is used to make a bags from last four decades due to its suitable properties like chemically inertness, abrasion and corrosion resistant, high tensile strength, and low absorptive. The sample bag is also having an excellent resistance to permeability of gasses in both the direction means from inside and outside of the bag, which helps to maintain a purity of the sample. The maximum operating temperature of the gas sampling bag is 150 oC to 170 oC, which makes it accessible for hot gas or air sampling particularly in the stack and industrial chimney. The continuous operating temperature range is up to 110 oC and batch maximum operating temperature range up to 170 oC.

The Teflon valve is a single 2 in 1 fitting used for the sample collection through Teflon hose provided at the valve. The silicon septum is a separate part which is removable and easily detachable. The sampling performs by air tight syringe through septum port. The on/off mechanism of the Teflon fitting is ball valve basis, while in polypropylene fitting its gate valve basis. The all in one valve and septum fitting makes air sampling bag easy to operate and cost-effective options for other sampling devices. The Tedlar gas sampling bag is used to collect sulfur compounds in non-metallic fittings only, which do not store in the SS valve. It recommended in many USA EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA testing methods.

Fantastic Facts about Tedlar Bag

High-end Tedlar Bag, from Techinstro, are renowned globally for their excellent quality and functionality. Learn a few more interesting facts about Tedlar Bags here:

  • Durable & Flexible – Tedlar film, which used for manufacturing Tedlar bags, is extremely flexible yet surprisingly strong.
  • High-Temperature Applications – Tedlar bag able to function in varying temperature, ranging from a freezing -76˚ C to 107˚ C, when used with the correct fitting. Aforementioned makes it excellent for use in freezing and very hot environments, such as in exhaust stacks, flues, and vents.
  • Impressive Impermeability – Tedlar bag are renowned for being impervious to gases, and hence suffer a significantly low loss of sample gas during the storage period. It also contains the smaller memory of the previous gas sample and can be easily re-used for another gas sampling process.
  • Non-Plastic material – Tedlar bag are created without the use of plasticizers, making it an excellent non-reactor material to commonly-sampled corrosive and hard gases.
  • Featured fittings – Tedlar bag come with various fitting types, depending on the kind of atmosphere which needs to sample. Tedlar bags which have polypropylene fittings are considerably inexpensive and highly efficient as they combine hose/valve and septum functions into a single fitting.


We provide gas sampling bags of capacity 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liters, 3 liters, 5 liters and 10 liters. The bags customized in all the sizes as per required volume and applications. The sampling valve type is same for all sizes and capacity of air sampling bags. The bag sampling pump needed to fill the bags to its suggested limit. There is majorly two gas sampling technique such as syringe sampling and standard spiking.

The bag holding time depends on the type of gas as well as the storage location (cold or hot location). Gas sampling bags are re-usable, it is necessary to flush with the inert gasses, nitrogen or clean air before reuse to avoid contamination. It is advised to fill sample only up to 90% capacity of the bag to prevent leakages and excessive pressure on the film.


  • Material of Film: – PVF
  • Material of valve – Polypropylene
  • Film Thickness – 2 mil
  • Operating Temperature – 477 Degree Kelvin
  • Tensile Strength – 7,980 psi
  • Material Specific Gravity – 1.69 g/ml


  • Leak proof
  • Minimum sample loss in storage
  • Lightweight and moisture proof
  • Chemically and physically inert
  • Portable and handy
  • Best alternative for expensive sampling devices like Summa Canisters


  • Grab Sampling
  • Indoor Air Sampling
  • Gas Blending
  • Assessing Exposures from Leaks and Spills
  • Leaky Underground Storage Tanks
  • Sampling from Vents or Flues
  • Hazardous Waste Site Sampling
  • Measuring Anesthetic Gases in Operating Rooms
  • Stack Sampling
  • Soil Gas Sampling
  • Calibration Gas Standards
  • Ground Water Testing


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  • Tedlar is a registered trademark by Du Pont, USA.

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