Graphene Nanoplatelets

  • CAS Number – 7782425
  • Appearance – Blackish colour powder
  • COA – C – >99% & O < 0.5%
  • Diameter – < 50 microns
  • Thickness – 8nm
  • Purity – 99.98%
  • Number of Layers – 6 to 7
  • Morphology – Flakes
  • Molecular weight – 12.01
  • True density – 2.3 g/cm3
  • Bulk density – ~ 0.10 g/mL
  • Specific surface area – 20 to 40 m2/g


Graphene nanoplatelets(GNPs) manufactured from graphene, an innovative and revolutionary material discovered in 2004. The nanoplatelets form with the multiple layers, where the thickness in nanometers and diameter in the microns. These layers are attached each other by strong Van Der Waals force of attraction.

Graphene made when carbon atoms came together to form bonds with each other and made a hexagonal-shaped, latticed, honeycomb-like structure. In this, each carbon atom shares its individual electrons, apart from one electron, with three different carbon atoms. This forms a stronger bond between the carbon atoms, while the single free electron (also called the Pi electron) is able to conduct electricity efficiently over the graphene surface.

Various methods are needed to form this lattice-shaped carbon structure into sheets, tubes, and many more products. Graphene nanoplatelets are one such derivative of conventional graphene and are around 5-10 nanometers in size with the maximum thickness of 50 microns only. This used in a research as well as industrial sectors. It is comes in a form of flakes powder and dispersed form as per need. The functional group nanoplatelets like carboxylic (COOH), Amine (NH2), F and N2 can be produced as per clients requirement. It added in the polymers like rubber, nylon, and plastic to improve conductivity, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, stiffness, mechanical reinforcement, hardness and gas barrier properties. The incorporation percentage in polymer varies from 2 to 10% as per applications.

Graphene nanoplatelets included in the range of advanced materials known to science. It is also known by graphene nanoparticles. These are microscopically tiny stacks of graphene which is set to replace conventional electronic components made from silicon. Graphene is also known as the ‘wonder material’ due to its immensely impressive properties, such as highest tensile strength, and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.


Graphene nanoplatelets are finding increasing application in numerous industries, including:

  • Transport industry – Use as metal-matrix, lightweight composites/alloys for lighter vehicle body parts, efficient lubricant, embedded antennas/electronic circuits, manufacturing super-capacitors, lightweight Li-Ion batteries.
  • Energy industry – Use as power buffer between the wind turbine and electrical grid, large-scale, advanced batteries and prolonged power storage, bi-polar plates/catalysis materials for fuel cells, replacement of conventional, bulky and heavy Li-Ion batteries with alternate lightweight and more powerful battery components.
  • Electronics industry – Use in the manufacturing of conductive ink for printing electronic circuits on fabric/material/surface, thermal coating for efficient dissipation of heat, coating for anti-EMI capability and conductive circuits for LED back-panels.
  • Aerospace industry – Use in the manufacturing of lightweight composite materials for aircraft body parts, anti-lightening protection through conductive sheets, and enhanced impact resistance.
  • Infrastructure industry – Use in development of optimally strong concrete for making taller buildings and bridges, abrasion-resistant cement for warehouses and roadways, inexpensive embedded stress sensor technology, efficient membranes for water purification, cleansing agent for resolving oil-spill effects.
  • Apart from these, graphene nanoplatelets are also finding potential use in defence systems, biomedical and the sports industry too.


Techinstro has been the prominent graphene-nanoplatelets (GNPs) supplier to leading industrial players all over the world. The price varies as per the quantity of product purchased. If the volume increases, the cost of the product decreases. The brand is renowned for being the top graphene-nanoplatelets manufacturers and distributors worldwide including India, China, Africa, US, UK, South America and Australia.

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