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Magnetic stirrers or magnetic stir plates we deal in are used for mixing solids/ liquids solutions to get homogeneous liquid mixtures generally finding use in the field of experimental chemistry and biology.

These digital magnetic stirrers reduce contamination risk for there is no manual operation involved, as the inert magnet bar is directly put inside the sample/fluid. The bar is easy to clean. Another plus about using digital magnetic stirrer is that it obtains consistent, reproducible mixing and also facilitates mixing over extended and flexible time span.

Our Digital Magnetic Stirrers are used for carrying out tests like protein dialysis that requires multi-hour or overnight sample mixing and is sensitive to bacterial contamination and other such tests.



Besides standard Magnetic Stirrers we also deal in the advanced small magnetic stirrer in new designs with digital speed display (LCD), electronically controlled motor to accommodate more capacity, higher speed range and optimum stirring quantity.

Outstanding chemical resistance due to high quality alloy of stainless steel top and synthetic bottom made of TPC-ET.

We deal in latest models of Magnetic Stirrers with different speeds, load capacity etc. For example, some rotate the internal magnet at different and changeable speeds, mixing volumes up to a liter; similarly other models offer other functions. We will talk about detailed specifications and features when you mail us your exact requirements.

As all Magnetic stirrers manufactured / supplied by us are digitally operated there is little risk of solutions spilling through the plastic case and gasket, contamination etc. The units are easy-to-clean; the Stainless steel tops are corrosion resistant and work perfectly when it comes to keeping record of liquid color changes. Digital controls ensure that stirring speed remains constant through heavy loads and changing thickness or viscosity of mixtures or solutions.

All our models are solid, accurate, well calibrated to function well; they come with a clear protective, heat resistant cover. We ship within 5 days of placing the order.

While placing your order send us all the specifications you’re looking for in your digital magnetic Stirrer, like max load capacity (lbs.), temperature; max and min speed, preferred plate material and dimension, (you can leave that to us our expertise if you wish or need assistance), Maximum stirring volume, no. of positions, plug type, etc.

We will send you the exact product matching your specifications or its equivalent after confirming it with you. You can see our virtual catalog over here. and order your product or discuss your concerns.



  • Maximum Stirring Volume – 2000ml
  • Stirring Speed Range – 0 ̴1250 rpm
  • Temperature range: Room Temperature to 3000C
  • Temperature Accuracy : 10C (<1000C), 30C (>1000C)
  • Timer Range – 999 minutes
  • Power Requirement – 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Ambient Temperature – Room temperature to 600C
  • Relative Moisture – 80%
  • Dimensions – (L) 230mm × (W) 180mm × (H) 120mm
  • Weight – 2.5kg



  • Microprocessor based function
  • Unique magnet holds stir bar tightly
  • Large mixing capacity
  • Easy Operation
  • Large Custom LCD display