Buyers looking for GC Capillary Columns click here. Techinstro is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of GC Capillary Columns accepting orders worldwide.

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Techinstro offers an all-inclusive GC capillary column range for nearly all chromatographic applications, using the best technology that promises highest level of performance, sturdiness, reproducibility, highest standards vis-à-vis inertness and more.

We deal in a wide range of packed / capillary GC columns and associated accessories along with HPLC columns and other products. All our products are of superior quality and available at competitive prices.

Non-polar GC columns are ideal for non-polar compounds containing carbon and hydrogen atoms; and only single bonds between carbon atoms.

Intermediate polar GC columns range available suit alternate selectivity of non-polar and/or polar compounds.

Polar GC columns are ideal for polar compounds like, alcohols, amines, carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, ketones, diols, and thiols etc. that basically contain carbon & hydrogen atoms; and oxygen, bromine, fluorine, nitrogen, chlorine, phosphorus, and/or sulphur atoms.

Highly polar GC columns are used in polarizable compounds like alkenes, alkynes, & aromatic hydrocarbons, containing carbon and hydrogen atoms, and double/triple bonds between carbon atoms. We can also provide extremely polar GC columns to clients on demand.

The selection of GC capillary column for any application is based on four significant factors, i.e. stationary phase, column I.D., film thickness, and column length. For stationary phase we suggest you choose the least polar phase to obtain the precise separation you require; if you’re looking for variation which will separate compounds such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and esters, that also we can provide.

As far as internal diameter is concerned, smaller the diameter, quicker the analysis; 0.25mm ID columns are considered apt for most applications including GC-MS; for film thickness, standard films measure 0.25μm. We recommend use of >= 0.5μm films for volatile compounds. Where length is concerned, doubling the column length will improve the resolution by about 40%; and 30 meter columns are considered standard. We suggest clients to go for short columns for active compounds.

If you need help, write to our team of experts who will assist you. Specific situations may call for consideration of unique factors and combinations; thus other column configurations are available on request. To know details about various types of Capillary Columns ‘selection & separation details; phase; composition; and maximum temperature, do write to us.