Industrial and research grade quartz disc are manufactured using high-quality polished fused quartz pieces. These produced in several varying diameters and thickness. The fused quartz glass disc has an overall purity level of 99.99% and is composed of SiO2. It is a laser cut product as per the dimensions. It also grinds well to smoothen the cut surface, which avoids sharpness of corner surface.
We are the maker and supplier of polished quartz disc, provides excellent quality customize and standardize industrial-grade quartz round plate, according to individual specifications and requirements. These are developed from carefully selected raw material and require meticulous attention to detail, which includes strict quality measures which applied at every stage of its fabrication. Made from superior purity quartz sand & crystal flour and melted into quartz lump in a high-temperature furnace, we customize and process quartz sheets, quartz disc & other Quartz instruments based on client requirement.
We supply quartz disc to clients in aviation, laser, semiconductor industry, optical window, and infrared heater industries; some client uses this quartz disc and quartz sheets for filtration of liquids or corrosive gas, heat diffusion, flow regulation, and chemically inert and high purity applications. To attain QSI fused quartz disc purity levels we keep a watch on raw material and adhere to stringent quality control at various manufacturing stages. We also stock and supply quartz glass in tube, rods, ingots, plates, and cylinders forms. You can place an order for thin-wall boiling and distilling flasks to heavy-wall diffusion tubes. Clients can also discuss the customized fabrication of fused quartz discs and other product according to their customized design and needs to suit their required configuration. Products are available in opaque/transparent or arc fused (Type TPL) forms. Quartz disc products supplied by us meet the highest industry standards vis-à-vis all its physical, thermal, chemical, mechanical, electric as well as electrical properties.