The next generation Gas sampling bags manufactured by Techinstro are whole air sampling devices ordered by industries into monitoring of part-per million (ppm) levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and permanent gases.
The PFV or Tedlar film is high-temperature resistant polymer invented in 1960 by DuPont. This polymer film is used to make a bags from last four decades due to its suitable properties like chemically inertness, abrasion and corrosion resistant, high tensile strength, and low absorptive. The sample bag is also having an excellent resistance to permeability of gasses in both the direction means from inside and outside of the bag, which helps to maintain a purity of the sample. The maximum operating temperature of the gas sampling bag is 150 oC to 170 oC, which makes it accessible for hot gas or air sampling particularly in the stack and industrial chimney. The continuous operating temperature range is up to 110 oC and batch maximum operating temperature range up to 170 oC.

The Teflon valve is a single 2 in 1 fitting used for the sample collection through Teflon hose provided at the valve. The silicon septum is a separate part which is removable and easily detachable. The sampling performs by air tight syringe through septum port. The on/off mechanism of the Teflon fitting is ball valve basis, while in polypropylene fitting its gate valve basis. The all in one valve and septum fitting makes air sampling bag easy to operate and cost-effective options for other sampling devices. The Tedlar gas sampling bag is used to collect sulfur compounds in non-metallic fittings only, which do not store in the SS valve. It recommended in many USA EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA testing methods.

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