• CAS number – 7440-22-4
  • Form – Semi-solid paste (micro-particles)
  • Matrix – α-Terpineol (Recommended washing solvent = Ethanol, Methanol, IPA and any Polar Solvent
  • Recommended Substrates – Plastic film, ITO glass, and ITO film and many more
  • Resistivity – 0.01 to 0.05 ohms/sq
  • Curing temperature – 120˚ C – 150˚ C / 30 – 60 seconds
  • Viscosity – 100,000 – 300,000 cP
  • Particle size – 200 nm (80%) / < 5 nm (20%)
  • Melting Point (MP) – 960˚ C (lit)
  • Boiling Point (BP) – 2212 ˚ C (lit)
  • Density – 10.49 g/cmᵌ (lit)
  • Storage temperature – 7˚ C – 15˚ C

Full Description

The Silver conductive paste is highly conductive in nature. It is also known as a conductive paint by many. Mostly it used for research and industries, but it is mainly an industrial-grade. This innovative paste made from a unique combination of compounds, which is developed precisely to form the electrically conductive glue. It usually used to convert an insulative surface into a conductive surface.

It denoted by the (Ag), which is a molecular or linear formula of the silver. The concentration of the conductive paste is more than 75%, while the purity of the silver paint is 99.98%. It is electrical and thermally conductive in nature. The adhesion of the silver paste is very high; hence it readily adheres to any surface. It is very quickly become dry due to its volatile solvent base.

It is a principal raw material for the making of printable silver conductive ink, mainly used in the PCB’s. Since it could readily dissolve in thinner or solvent, the viscosity of the conductive paste is customizable as per the applications. Generally, it is highly conductive than any other conductive paints.

The primary conductive material suspended in a significantly strong adhesive material, which borders the electrical-conduction material. The adhesive molded in such a manner around the conductive material that, the material’s electrical bond is intact and it does not lose its conductivity.

We are the leading industrial component suppliers, develops and sells silver-based conductive paste. Majorly, the sticky material made from a durable and reliable synthetic resin, along with a couple of other materials.

Applications of Silver Conductive Paste

There are numerous high-quality applications today, for silver conductive paste including:

  • Fix defective tiny conductors on a printed circuit board.
  • Majorly used in the manufacturing of PV solar cells.
  • It used mainly for the soldering purpose, primarily in the electronics industries.
  • Repair the heater in the rear windscreen in cars.
  • It can replace the need for soldering temperature-sensitive components to an electric circuit.
  • Inner coating for storage boxes of electronic devices, forming a useful ‘Faraday Cage,’
  • An efficiently protects the sensitive internal components from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Use to make busbars in the switchable smart film.
  • Use in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) to locate and grind the sample, all the while preventing electrostatic charges from developing on the surface.

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