Smart Switchable Glass


  • Consume less power
  • No use of curtain and blinds
  • Protection from UV and Infrared Rays
  • Durable for long term Electrical connections
  • Durable to sunlight
  • Use for commercial as well as residential
  • Energy efficient and long life


The smart switchable glass mainly used for the privacy purpose; hence it is also known as privacy glass. The switchable glass utilized in the hospital, educational institute, commercial offices or workplaces, Bathrooms, residential areas, Windows, car window, doors and sliding doors, Floor, back screens and many other applications. The switchable smart glass is an innovative electric glass with adjustable opacity, which runs on a Thermochromic, Photochromic and Electrochromic mechanism. The smart glass turns transparent instantly after switching on the electricity and converts transparent to translucent after a power cut off. It switches between the clear and opaque, hence it is called as switchable glass or smart privacy glass. This flicking function can be operating by remote control, power button, the smartphone as well as with automatic working by light and motion sensors.

Description and Specifications of Smart Switchable Glass

We are a manufacturer and suppliers of the Switchable smart film. The switchable film is self-adhesive hence it can be easily placed over any glass and operate as a smart switchable glass. The switchable glass film is made up of PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) place as a sandwich in between two conductive PET films. It is also known as a PDLC switchable film or PDLC film. On one side there is a conductive adhesive to make it sticky. During the power off condition, the tiny PDLC molecules randomly arranged and block light wavelength, which makes the switchable sheet opaque. As the electric current passes through this, the PDLC molecules align in a parallel direction, which makes privacy glass transparent. Hence in case of no power, the smart glass is frosted and become transparent after a flick of the button. In OFF condition the haze is more than 95% with a low transmittance while in ON condition it is less than 5% and transmittance is greater than 90%. The switch time is less than a half second.

Size and Variations of Smart Switchable Glass

The switchable privacy film comes in a variety of color, thickness, and sizes. We also customized the size as per the client need. The PDLC switchable film blocks heat and more than 90% UV lights. It is also heat and fire resistance. Due to the use of smart film the air-conditioning cost has reduced, which makes it a very energy efficient. There is approximately 0.2 to 0.3 Watt per square feet required for the operation of the switchable glass window. The smart film also applied on the 2D curved glass. The provided voltage type will be 110VAC and 220VAC. The battery operated smart glass can also be customized.


It is a very recent innovation in industries, hence the simple question in mind that how much the cost of switchable glass. We offer a cost effective solution to the client by supplying self-adhesive switchable film. It is easily installed over any glass and makes it switchable smart glass. In this technological age, it is not less than the magic. Hence some people call it as a magic glass also. The maximum lifetime of the switchable film is up to 30,000 cycles. The storage temperature of the smart switchable glass is 30-40 degree Celsius, while the operating temperature is 30 0 Celsius to 60 0Celsius.

Applications of Smart Switchable Glass

  • Bathroom Partition
  • Residential and commercial spaces
  • HealthCare and automobile industry
  • Shop Counter and door
  • Display Cases
  • Back Screens
  • Car Windows
  • Back Projection
  • Single or double glazed facades
  • Monitor Rooms
  • ATM and bank doors

Fantastic Facts

Check out some of the more exciting facts about Smart Switchable Glass from us:

  • Opacity level – Our switchable glass able to provide varying opacity levels, ranging from translucent to clear transparent, within just a few seconds.
  • Temperature control – Privacy glass is an excellent, and efficient, alternative to other methods of temperature and light control, used commonly in buildings.
  • Optimal UV protection – High-end switch glass from Techinstro can block 99.4% of the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays usually present in the sunlight.
  • Manufacturing material – We produce switchable glass or film made from laminating two, or more, sheets of polycarbonate/glass material.
  • Smartly Safe – The switch glass allows you to enjoy the shade and prevent unwanted glare easily and as required.
  • Electric-efficiency – Due to its immensely low power consumption you can efficiently use the switchable glass to maximize daylight use at work/home, and avoid using electrical lights as much as possible, thus saving significantly on the electric bill.
  • Impressive Interior protection – Using PDLC film coated glass helps to avoid damage to your furnishing and interiors noticeably.

Techinstro has been a prominent leader as a smart switchable glass supplier globally. We ensure that every piece of intelligent glass designed, manufactured and delivered using the best-quality materials.