Components including empty columns, ready-to-use packing, high-purity stationary phases, stable supports to clients worldwide

GC Packed Columns, Components, & Installation

We are manufacturers -cum-suppliers of GC packed columns & components for clients worldwide. GC packed columns at Techinstro can be fitted with most of the commercially available GC instruments. Besides we also stock a wide range of GC packed column components like empty glass columns, ready-to-use packing, stationary phases, and solid supports to serve patrons who choose to pack their own columns.

GC columns supplied by us are made with superior quality material and advanced procedures which help the clients (end users) to extract optimum performance out of them. Our columns follow a uniform measurement; available in size 6′ x 1/8″ OD premium grade, made with pre-cleaned stainless steel (unless client specifically instructs otherwise). Each GC column is made with preconditioned and pre-tested packing, that’s delivered complete with brass nuts and brass ferrules, and other relevant fittings.

For clients looking columns and packing with unique specifications are requested to send an email with all the particulars they wish to see in their output, and our team will deliver the exact items to you within a decent time frame. Several decades of experience of our senior members and their familiarith with most of the advanced technologies available in the packed GC columns arena, gives us an edge over our competitors to deliver as per your most minute specification. We have some state-of-the-art tools and machineries specifically used for GC packed column which you may not find elsewhere easily.

As mentioned above, you will get to see a wide selection of packed GC columns with popular packings. The columns are put together in way that enables them to sync with many commonly used instruments and are ready-to-install.

We also help our clients choose between glass columns, metal columns or PTFE columns after weighing and analysing their specific requirements. Different columns conform to different dimensions; from +/-5 mm to 1.7% of instrument manufacturers′ length specifications.


Before placing an order for GC column, buyers should keep the following points in mind in selection phase:
1. What buyer selects will influence obtaining of the correct separation selectivity, hence considering the factors influence stationary phase choice is critical.
2. Though standard phase gets satisfactory results, for more accurate choices to improve specificity and sensitivity, buyers should experiment with different variations.
3. Since dimension of GC column influences the quality of a separation buyer should consider the best column length, internal diameter, and film thickness vis-à-vis their application. Likewise, optimize separation by making the right column selection.While you can find details about products instantly available and ready to deliver in the list herewith, our team will customize many more GC column products upon request. If you do not see your required item here, send us a mail specifying your requirement.