Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

  • Product Name – Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
  • Model – Tech-Midas
  • Operation type – Automatic / Touchless
  • Feature – Contactless and Touchless
  • Input Voltage – 220V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption (Idle Mode) – <3VA
  • Power Consumption (Operating Mode) – 25VA
  • MOC – Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Polypropylene (PP), brass
  • Color : White & Black
  • Type – Wall-mounted
  • Body Size – 450mm x 300mm x 220mm
  • Capacity of Sanitization Liquid Container : 5 liters
  • Weight – 5.5 kg (Without Sanitizing liquid)
  • Customization – Available
  • Packing – Corrugated box
  • Sensor type – Motions Sensor
  • Warranty – 6 months against manufacturing defects
  • Shipping Free For India

Full Description

The Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is an infrared motion sensor-based dispenser. It used to dispense any alcohol-based sanitizer. It has a touch-less operation, which makes people fearless and more confident about the sanitization process. It is also known as a touch-less or contact-less sanitizer dispenser. Due to the inbuilt motion sensor, it senses the hand motion below the brass nozzle and opens the valve to dispense sanitizer. As per the set timer, it only allows 1ml liquid at one time. In the time of the world pandemic COVID 19, the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is an essential product to kill the effect of corona virus.

It is the wall-mounted dispenser, which also uses for a table top operation. The price of the Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser based on the tank capacity. Generally, we provide various sizes of dispensers such as 1 liter, 3 liters, 5 liters, and 10 liters. We also offer the option for customization as per the client requirement. It is a fully leak proof heavy-duty product which has a robust construction and easy to use design. The installation is effortless since it is a plug and play device. We do not provide the sanitizer with the product, which means the client needs to pour any alcohol-based sanitizing liquid.

This contact-less dispensing machine mainly has four parts, such as the ABS outer body, infrared receiver, motion sensor, and On-Off solenoid. There is a transparent window to indicate the liquid level as well as the alarm for sanitizer refilling. The valve is set to release a pre-measured amount of hand-sanitizer, where quantity is sufficient to clean hands. It designed as per the standard power input 220VAC and 110 VAC, where voltage fluctuation and surge protection are built-in.

User Manual of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Operation Guide Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Applications of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

It mostly used in hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, homes, hospitals, factories, and industries. During the time of COVID-19, it is one of the most needed product for humankind. It is available mainly at the main gate on any organization, corporate houses, banks, shopping malls, Airports, and theatres. In short, it needed at every place where person to person contact could be possible.

Safety Measures of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

• Do not touch the brass nozzle during hand sanitization
• The electrical connection should be far from children reach
• Every day the cleaning of the outer body is essential
• Refill the tank before getting it to drain
• It should not wall-mount in a congested place.

What’s In the Box?

1. Dispenser machine
2. Power Plug
3. User Manual

Why Techinstro?

We are the India based manufacturer and suppliers for automatic sanitizer machines. We provide affordable and cost-effective options to the user with a special rate for the bulk quantity. On customer demand, we also produce this product in a stainless steel body. There is a limited warranty of 6 months against manufacturing defects. We develop and sell this Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser on a simple strategy, which is “No Contact – No Corona”.

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