ITO Coated On Pet

ITO-coated PET films find use in many different applications for bearing properties like high optical transmission and conductivity. They are also be used in liquid crystal devices to realign the liquid crystal cells. ITO PET films are also common components for products such as touchscreens, position sensors, electroluminescent lamps, electromagnetic shielding applications etc.

  • Specified resistivity – (~15 ohms/sq), (~60 ohms/sq) & (~100 ohms/sq)
  • Typical resistivity – (8-10 ohms/sq), (60-70 ohms/sq) & (90-110 ohms/sq)
  • Transmittance at 550nm – ≥ 87%
  • ITO film Thickness – (1400-1500 Å), (350-370 Å) & 720Å
  • Heat resistance (R/R 0 ) – ≤1.3 (@130°C, 30min)
  • Hear storage (R/R 0 ) – ≤1.3 (@90°C x 250hrs)
  • High humidity storage (R/R 0 ) – ≤1.3 (@60°C x 250hrs, 95% RH)
  • Heat cycle (R/R 0 ) – ≤1.3 (@-30°C~85°C x 50 cycle)
  • Heat cycle (R/R 0 ) – ≤1.3 (@-30°C~85°C x 50 cycle)
  • Surface check – Smooth, no holes, no patches and no stain
  • Storage temperature – -30°C ~ +40°C
ITO Coated on PET ( Glass Thickness : 0.175mm ), ( Resistivity : < 15 ohms/sq )
Product CodeDescriptionLength x WidthThickness (mm)Surface ResistivityTransmittance ( % )Buy Now
TIPE001Indium Tin Oxide coated PET100mm × 100mm0.175mm< 15 ohms/sq>75%BUY NOW
TIPE002Indium Tin Oxide coated PET200mm × 100mm0.175mm< 15 ohms/sq>75%BUY NOW
TIPE003Indium Tin Oxide coated PET16 inches × 16 inches0.175mm< 15 ohms/sq>75%BUY NOW
ITO Coated on PET ( Glass Thickness : 0.175mm ), ( Resistivity : < 60 ohms/sq )
Product CodeDescriptionLength x WidthThickness (mm)Surface ResistivityTransmittance ( % )Buy Now
TIPZ001ITO Coated PET Sheet100mm × 100mm0.175mm< 60 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW
TIPZ002ITO Coated PET Sheet200mm × 100mm0.175mm< 60 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW
TIPZ003ITO Coated PET Sheet16 inches × 16 inches0.175mm< 60 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW
ITO Coated on PET ( Glass Thickness : 0.175mm ), ( Resistivity : < 100 ohms/sq )
Product CodeDescriptionLength x WidthThickness (mm)Surface ResistivityTransmittance ( % )Buy Now
TIPX001ITO on PET100mm × 100mm0.175mm< 100 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW
TIPX002ITO on PET200mm × 100mm0.175mm< 100 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW
TIPX003ITO on PET16 inches × 16 inches0.175mm< 100 ohms/sq> 75%BUY NOW

Full Description Coated On Pet

Though ITO on PET can’t be soldered, it can be connected with help of conductive inks, paints, copper tape with conductive adhesive etc. Supplied in industries like EMI shielding, telecommunication etc. The polyester film exhibits transmittance and resistance characteristics much like the glass substrates. We supply high-quality and flexible ITO PET film that can have different applications.
ITO coated PET films supplied by us promise excellent coating uniformity and adhesion; and made from optical grade polyester film. We also deliver ITO coatings on other film substrates, like heat stabilized film, anti-glare film, or clear hard coated polyester film; we also accept special ITO coating order with a surface resistance that is higher than that of standard ITO PET products. Offer special rates for bulk orders. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) on clear plastic (PET), or ITO on PET, is prepared by vacuum coating an optically clear film with a fine layer of ITO. It is ideal for touch screen devices and flexible displays.
ITO on PET has vacuum blasted layer of Indium Tin Oxide on a clear sheet of the optical flexible sheet. Our unique coating technology gives our products high stability. ITO on PET products are applied in flexible displays, electroluminescent lighting (EL), touch-screens and any other application where flexible clear sheets are needed.

Application of ITO Coated PET Sheet

ITO thin film strain gauges can be employed in demanding situations like gas turbines and the engines of jets and rockets since ITO PET film coatings can endure difficult conditions and temperatures. The use of ITO plastic films to defrost an airplane’s windscreen is another instance in the aerospace sector. This is accomplished by supplying voltage, which produces heat that the indium tin oxide covering may conduct. The most popular touchscreens are resistive ones, typically with two layers with a bit of space between them. The screen’s interior layer is complex and frequently composed of glass or PET film, while the exterior layer is typically made of transparent polycarbonate. Due to its processing tolerance and suitability for engineering, ITO-coated PET films are frequently used to meet application demands. These applications include packaging films, tamper-evident, switchable films, protective and antibacterial photovoltaic back sheets. ITO-coated polyester films have the additional benefit of being transparent and conductive simultaneously. These characteristics enable usage in EMI/RFI shielding, electrophoretic displays, electroluminescent lamps, and other applications.

Physical Properties of ITO Coated on PET:

  • Configuration – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) / ITO
  • Substrate – Optical clear grade PET film / Hardcoated PET film
  • Passivation layer – No
  • ITO coating method – Magnetron sputtering at elevated temperature under vacuum
  • ITO work function – 4.8~4.9eV (measured by UPS) after proper cleaning
  • Surface Roughness – RMS1~10 nm, depend on various product

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