• Operating Voltage : 48 VDC
  • Wide Viewing Angle : >150 Degree C
  • Maximum Width (Non-Adhesive) : 1800mm
  • Maximum Width (Self-Adhesive) : 1500mm
  • Thickness : 9.5mm
  • Working Temperature : -10 to 60 degree C
  • Storage Temperature : -20 to 80 Degree C
  • Switch Frequency : > 8000000 Flips
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT) : ON >78% & OFF >90%
  • Haze : ON <5% & OFF >90%
  • Total barrier Ration : ON- 20, OFF- 38
  • Response Time : ON <200ms, OFF <10ms
  • Life Time : 10 years

The Switchable PDLC Film is an innovative technology for covering your conventional windows at home or work. With advances in building technology, numerous inventions have helped us to make our office area and home lives more comfortable.


This film used to switch between transparent and opaque state; hence it is known as Switchable film. PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology involves dispersion or dissolving or liquid polymer, which then solidified in the polymer by curing it. When this solidification process is taking place, the liquid polymer crystals begin to form individual droplets, as they become increasingly incompatible with the polymer. These droplets are built all over the polymer sheet almost in a uniform manner. The type of curing determines the size of the crystal droplets that form in the polymer, and also give it unique properties, thus allowing it to use in ‘Smart Windows.’

Usually, the mix consisting of polymer and liquid crystals placed between two individual sheets of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which also includes a fine layer of transparent and conductive material (ITO). Then the polymer is cured and forms the basic structure of the smart window. That acts as a functional capacitor.

This PDLC film then connects to electrodes from a suitable power supply. This Film turns transparent in ON condition and opaque in OFF condition. It can operate with the switch as well as with remote. The intensity of transparency can control with regulated remote control. When a voltage applied to this electrochromic film, the liquid crystals are pushed around in a random manner, which helps to disperse most of the light passing through it. The smart or magic film takes on a translucent appearance and helps to prevent additional sunlight and heat from entering the room. There are various color choices available in this film such as pink, light gray, dark gray, tea gold, light blue, off-white. It is also work as a LCD projector film. Generally, it comes in two type one is self adhesive and another is non-adhesive. We sell both, but in second choice an optically clear glue has to be applied to stick it on a glass. There is also a very thin protective covering over a film.

Techinstro has been the leading suppliers and manufacturer of the switchable film in India for many years, and maintain their lead amongst the competition by providing the most efficient, effective and affordable smart film technology.


Techinstro, in its years of research, has been able to develop high-end industrial products and materials. Continuing this trend, we provide excellent quality smart switchable PDLC film, which are ingenious in properties and uses.

  • Thinnest PDLC film – We proudly manufactures and provides PDLC film measuring only 250 µm in thickness, making it the thinnest film available in the market. It can be easily installed directly on to the existing glass panel.
  • Total transparency – Our Switchable film provide excellent clarity with full transparency. That provides exceptionally flexible options for design and applications.
  • Rapid response – Our Privacy or Electrochromic film respond to your command fast, in just 0.05 seconds, which allows immediate control of temperature and light within the interior.
  • Perfect projection – Our switchable PDLC films are excellent for use as projectors too. Now you can just lower the lights in the meeting room and begin your presentation with the projector aimed at the smart film itself, which acts as a perfect screen for projectors.
  • Energy-efficiency – Our PDLC film are designed to be excellent at conserving energy. It operates at a remarkably low electric power of around 0.00077 W/in2 and has numerous levels of controls provided too.
  • Prominent protection – Switchable film are designed to successfully block 99% of the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and around 65% of infrared radiation, which usually present in the sunlight.


These are the numerous applications where advanced and efficient privacy film used today:

  • Privacy of home/office
  • Room partitions/dividers
  • Electronically controlled curtains/blinds
  • Display cases
  • Solar panels
  • Sales counter
  • Security panels
  • Car windows
  • Skylights
  • Single/double glazed façade
  • Conservatory Roofs
  • Monitor rooms
  • ATM/Bank doors

The smart film provided by us can provide effective control over the amount of sunlight passing through your windows, at home or work.


  • Maximum conservation of power
  • Avoids expenses for costly blinds and curtains for your home and office windows
  • Protects against harmful UV and IR rays present in normal sunlight
  • Weather-proof construction makes it efficient and durable for outdoor applications
  • Ideal for industrial and residential applications
  • Long-lasting construction for longer life
  • Cheap and cost effective as compared to the Switchable glass
  • It can directly apply to an existing glass or window



Choose Techinstro today and ensure that you get the most aesthetically appealing as well as efficiently functioning privacy film for your home, hospitals, work or factory. We also provide onsite installation service of switchable PDLC film with all the required accessories.